Top 5 Myths About Head Lice

So I have been in the Lice Industry for the past 7 years and I have heard lot of lice myths over the years. Some of the myths are pretty common that I have heard from customers while others are pretty outrageous. I wanted to compile a list of the most popular myths about lice.


Head Lice infest the home 

  • This is one of the biggest myths that often hear. Lice do not infest the home just the head. Head Lice needs the blood and warmth from a human scalp to survive, so if a louse happen to fall from a human head onto a couch, flour etc it will not survive. So no need to burn your house done. 

 Pets get head lice

  • Animals can not get head lice because they have a different blood type then humans do. For example: If you have lice and a bug got onto you pet ( cat, Dog etc) it will not survive because the louse can not survive on animals blood.

Children Only Get Head Lice

  • Although children are the highest population to get head lice, anybody can get lice. You need to have hair in order to get head and 90% of the population in the world has hair. Also I have treated a variety of people such the elderly, parents, high schoolers, college students etc. 

You Are Considered Dirty If You Get Head Lice

  • Head Lice has nothing to do with hygiene at all. Lice is pretty common especially among kids. An individual gets head lice through head to head contact such as hugging, selfies etc. Most kids do not have a sense of personal space ( kids like being around there friends hugging playing etc). So being "unclean" has nothing to hygiene, in fact lice prefer clean hair because it is easier to move around in then in dirty hair. 

Head Lice Carry Diseases

  • Fortunately lice do not carry diseases. The most damage that head lice gives you is an itchy head. 

Hopefully I shed some light on any lice myths and give a little bit of knowledge. If there are any additional questions please fell free to contact via email: