Why Our Lice Comb? - Terminator Lice Comb

Lice combs are essential when checking or treating head lice. Although there are many lice combs out there is only one that removes both live bugs and nits effectively which is the Terminator Lice Comb. 

The Terminator Lice Comb is one of the best lice combs in the make. What makes this comb different from the rest:

1. Stainless Steel

2. Durable

3 Tighter Teeth

4 Micro Grooved Teeth

Let us break each characteristic down and compare with other lice combs ( specifically those the come in lice kits).

Stainless steel is made to last and does not tarnish. So whether you need to check or treat your kids now or two years from now the terminator comb will still be effective in the long run. Whereas most lice combs are made out plastic (even if the material looks like metal, it is most likely plastic), the plastic lice combs do not last long as at all.

The definition of durable is able to withstand wear, pressure or damage. the terminator comb is very durable. It is not bendable, can be used over and over again can withstand any hair type such as thick hair, thin hair, curly hair, etc. So altogether it is very reliable. Other Lice combs are not reusable and can break very easily, also can not withstand all hair types

Live Bugs ( Louse) can be easily combed out verses the nits. Nits ( lice eggs) are very hard to comb out, so small that it can be looked over to the naked eye. So it is very important to have a comb that can easily comb out a louse and a nit. The terminator lice comb is so tight together that it can remove bugs and especially the nits easily, seldom leaving anything behind. Other lice combs teeth are a bit further apart and with that, it is harder to get the nits out. 

The Micro grooved teeth on the terminator lice comb grips whatever is on the hair and pulls it out, whether it is a not ( lice egg), louse, dandruff, lint, etc. So whatever is in the hair will be pulled out because of the pulling method of the micro-grooved teeth. Other lice combs do not have the micro-grooved teeth and do not take as much out. 

By far the Terminator Lice Comb outweighs any other lice out there in the market. It is dependable, durable and effective. To order click here: Terminator Lice Comb