1. Are you mobile?

Yes The Louse Girl is a mobile service and we come to you


2. Do you accept insurance?

yes and no. Lice removal is technically not considered medical, so we do not accept insurance. but we do accept flex spending account.


3. Is your service discreet?

yes, very discreet. Your neighbors wont know were are a lice removal service.


4. What payments do you accept?

We accept all major forms of payment such as: cash, credit cards, paypal, checks, apple pay


5. What areas do you service?

We service metro Atlanta and some cities in Alabama. we have a list of cities listed in  contact. If you are not sure if the louse girl service your area feel free to call or text 470-231-9873


6. Do you also treat the house?

The Louse Girl does not treat the home. head lice do not live in the home they live on peoples scalps. you do not have to house top to bottom. as a precautionary measure put the immediate bedding (pillowcases, sheet, blankets etc) in the dryer for at least 30 minutes ( if their any lice there they will die from the heat). Also any brushes, combs that are used on a regular basis, put the brushes in a ziplock bag in the freezer for 3 hours ( if any lice are there they will die from the temperature).


7. Do you only treat head lice?

yes the louse girl only treats head lice


8. How long is a treatment?

A Lice removal treatment typically last between 1-2 hours depending on how long the individual had lice and the thickness of hair


9. Do you charge by the hour?

we do not charge hourly. all treatments are flat rate fees


10. Do you use chemicals in the treatments?

The Louse Girl does not use chemicals, all treatments are all natural and pesticide free