What is a Nit?

Whenever people think of head lice, bugs crawling all over the hair causing havoc always comes to mind. Luckily a louse ( lice bug ) are large and can be easily combed out but the nits however is another story.

I am sure you are wondering what is a nit? Lice bugs do lay eggs and those eggs are called nits. The lice bug lay nits ( lice eggs) all over the hair. The problem with nits is that they are very hard to see and difficult to remove out the hair.

Nits are very small, oval shaped and stick to the hair glue. A lot of people mistake nits for dry scalp, dandruff etc. If a nit is mistaken for dry scalp it can be left behind and therefore can cause a whole new infestation.

Countless of previous clients ,treating head lice themselves, had a difficult time treating the nits. A lot of my clients had been dealing with head lice for months even years and had to seek out my services bit of the nits.

So whether you are treating head lice at home or seek a professional service, make sure the nits are being if not lice will cycle back around with a vengeance.